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Global Stock Exchange - Investment Banking (Hobby Project)

Technologies: WPF, WCF, DevExpress, Prism, Unity, MEF, MVVM, EF, MS SQL Server




Global Stock Exchange (GSE) is a dashboard/analyzer for real-time stock data (dummy) as well as a basic Fixed Income Calculator. 


  • Design and develop the entire application from scratch with SOA, CAB (Composite Application Block), MVVM/MVP.
  • Extensive use of DevExpress (DxTiles, DxGrid, DxChart, input controls) and WPF controls, styles, triggers, dependency/attached properties, markup extension, 2D graphics, user control, data-control-item templates and animation to create a soothing user experience.
  • Developed numerous multithreaded (UI-Worker-TPL-lock/Non-lock) messaging with the help of MVVM, Action delegate, Predicate, non-blocking UI and command-data binding.
  • Heavy use of LINQ to Object, LINQ to Entity Framework to take advantage of query extension/method group, implicit typed variable, object initializer, anonymous types-methods, lambda expressions, and extension method.
  • Design and develop WCF WsHTTP communication with AES symmetric (dynamic key exchange) encryption of critical message body. 
  • Created Modules (directory loaded), Shell, Bootstrapper with the help of Prism, Unity and MEF. A good practice of dependency injection, inversion of control and AOP. 
  • Developing (on-going) basic Fixed Income calculation, such as present value, future value, return, yield, bond pricing etc. 

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